Our Proccess

Designing a garment always starts with a sketch.

When creating our line, Marialexandra drew dozens of jacket, pants, vests, and shirt designs informed by her research about the unique wardrobe needs of the queer community. She and Neyda, our Director of Apparel Operations, then created patterns in a sample fabric called muslin. From there we consulted with a variety of models with different body types, surveying their needs and concerns. We asked them about the problems they’d faced in the past as they searched for well-fitting garments.

We worked with the models over a period of several months, tweaking the pieces until they were perfect. After ensuring that our clothing line would fit a wide range of body types and identities, we began production. Our apparel is sized on people assigned female, but many of the items have more masculine or androgynous fits than traditional women’s clothes.