Time to say goodby…for now

This is the hardest post I have ever had to write but unfortunately it is a necessary one.
We have loved what we have done at Fourteen and even more, we have loved and enjoyed every call, every email, every message we’ve gotten from our amazing customers. This makes it all much harder.

Fourteen is no longer producing and will only sell the small inventory we have available. What is available for sale on our site is the last of it.

We will not be taking returns from now on, all sales are final from now on.

I want to thank everyone who supported us and cheered us on. We will always be eternally grateful for it.
Thank you!!

I have taken the energy I put into Fourteen and launched Outplay. I invite you to take a look; I am sure you’ll find the same passion and excitement as we all brought to Fourteen.

This is not a complete goodby. I hope to be able to revive Fourteen in the future. For now, I’ll just say, “see you soon!”

Fourteen Debut at New York Fashion Week

When we were invited by DapperQ to participate in their New York Fashion Week runway show, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. The show, held last Saturday, was a big hit. Check out some of our queer wedding styles that hit the runway.  And check out the official DapperQ post over here.

Top three photos by Erica Camille.  Bottom four by Mira Steinzor.

by Erica Camille6

by Erica Camille5

by Erica Camille4

by Erica Camille3

Photo by Mira Steinzor (6)

Photo by Mira Steinzor (5)

Photo by Mira Steinzor (7)

Photo by Mira Steinzor (8)

10 Hot Accessories to Accompany Your Fourteen Suit!

Here are some of handpicked accessories that would look amazing with our suits on your big day!

Because what’s more to love than a cute dapperling in a suit and tie clip and pocket square?

Yes? Yes. (From: queerplusfashion.tumblr.com/)

J.Z. Richards Polka Dot Pocket Square, at Nordstrom for $39.50

Our marketing assistant Sonny owns this polka dot square and loves it. You can fold it to display any side you want. Don’t know how to fold it? This tutorial has everything you need.

Hearts Cufflink, $19.00 at ties.com

1960’s Poppy Floral & Liberty Stripe Classic Necktie, $98.00 at General Knot

Another one of our favorite things about pocket squares is that you can take a wild pattern and just show a hint of it. Try it with Drake’s Silk Habotai Deco Paisley Handkerchief, $94 at J. Crew.

Handmade flower boutonniere by The Love Stitch on Etsy

Everyone digs a butch in a classic silver timepiece:

(source: onabicyclebuiltfortwo.com)

Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Silver Tone Dial, $168.65 on Amazon

Or if you prefer a smaller wrist band:


For the simple queers, try this Bobby Pin Sterling-Silver Tie Bar. $75 at J.Crew


This plaid bow tie will go far beyond the altar. And, learning how to tie it yourself will instantly boost your fashion morale. dapperQ is here to help!

Check out Erika in a bow tie and our finest during the fashion show at fashion show at Portland’s The Way Weddings Should Be Expo

Paul, $32 at thecordialchurchman.com

Multi-Sized Floral Bow Tie, $85 at Barneys


Introducing the Fourteen Collections

As you just read, our company’s name comes from some important civil rights victories.  Both the wedding planning company, 14 Stories, and our company are politically inspired.

With that in mind, we launch our collections of lesbian and queer wedding suits, named after some important lesbians who inspire us!

Lorde:  Inspired by out writer and civil rights activist Audre Lorde, this casual linen collection is lightweight yet elegant, perfect for warm weather occasions.

Spyer: Our tux collection is named for Thea Spyer, late wife of Edie Windsor and the subject of Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement. These wool pieces are made of high quality gabardine which breathes easily and is lightweight yet formal.

Windsor: The Windsor collection is named for Edie Windsor, plaintiff in the Windsor vs the United States case which overthrew part of DOMA. These pieces are satin and/or silk, with the most feminine silhouettes of all our offerings.

Baldwin: Named for Tammy Baldwin, the first out lesbian U.S. Senator (from Wisconsin), the Baldwin collection features an ensemble of mix and match sateen pieces suitable for work, wedding or any formal event.

Signature: These are pieces that you just won’t find anywhere else – truly one of a kind, fashion forward designs with unique embellishments designed with love by Marialexandra.

Explaining the Number Fourteen

One of the questions we get most commonly is, “What’s the deal with the number Fourteen?”

Great question and the answer is of course buried in the About Us page but I wanted to explain it a bit more.

I’m kind of a political person. I’m an activist wedding planner. My goal when naming my other company 14 Stories was to build a progressive brand….sure, I could have named my company something like Rainbow Weddings which would have been crystal clear to all who found it, but that’s just not who I am.

See, the number Fourteen has a powerful legacy in marriage’s civil rights history. The U.S. Constitution’s 14th amendment has an Equal Protection clause, the big reason that we no longer have a ban on interracial marriage in the U.S. That same clause was used to overturn DOMA. And the historic Massachusetts court case that first led same-sex marriage to be legalized in the U.S. had 14 plaintiffs. Fourteen is a powerful number.

Of course the description doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but we think it’s worth taking the time to explain. We hope to continue that legacy by providing formal attire to a community that, until recently, might not have even considered legal marriage an option.

Swimwear for Butches, Bois, Femmes and Otherwise-Identified Summer lovers

Its officially summer!! Its time to hang out with your friends and stick your toes in the water.
But does summer time, pool parties and beach outings get you all unraveled because you’re tired of not having something comfortable to wear while looking and feeling like your stud self? Fourteen has listened and we’ve created Race Point just for you!

Its been in the works for some time now, and after listening closely, we have come up with our first (of many more to come) styles of tops and bottoms for your summer time fun. We’re introducing our basic pieces first and we will continue adding new styles and colors with time.

Lets start with tops.

Our first 2 pieces include the full coverage top and the mid-drift top. Both are offered with light compression or high compression.
High compression tops will have a very strong hold on your chest, acting as a binder. They will need a little maneuvering to get into, like a tight rash guard, but they fit comfortably around your chest and hold and tuck what needs to be tucked. It moves with you and no one will ever notice you’re wearing anything constraining.
Tops with light compression will hold back nipples and give you a semi-biding look, so if you’ve had top surgery or just have small breasts and all you need is that extra help to flatten them, or just want to keep them in place, light compression is perfect for you. It feels like a well fitting sports bra.

This is our mid-drift with a light compression in a size S

Mello in crop top swimwear - back side view back view of swimwear top

This top covers just what you need covered, and holds everything in place, while still allowing for full movement. The neckline is high enough to cover any type of cleavage but is still low enough to feel as comfortable as a T-shit neckline.

mid-drift top swimwear front view Fourteen lesbian swimsuit

If you’re comfortable with a little more covered up, then basic top #2 is more your style. This swimwear top covers everything it needs to cover up and holds in what needs to be held back. Neckline is high, similar to the mid-drift top, and armholes are high as well. In these shots, Alex is wearing a size M so it fits her a little loser and has less of a binding effect but still keeps everything where it should and covers what needs to be covered. Keep this in mind when deciding what size to order, its a personal choice.

full coverage long swimwear top frot view lesbian swimsuit fourteen  Alex back side view swimsuit

Now lets take a look at the briefs.

Our first two choices are both in the matching Lycra but differ in length. Waist bands are 1″ wide and fall slightly above your hips, just like a pair of pants.

Here you see the short briefs in navy and the long briefs in black.

full body swimwear front view   full coverage swimwear, long Lycra shorts front view, lesbian swimsuit

The short briefs fit like short boxer briefs while the longer shorts are close to 3″ longer.

Every piece is sold separately so you can mix and match color and sizes. Our first color selection will include a few basic colors and as we grow, we’ll continue to add not only new styles and cuts, but of course, new color options as well.

Our first color options are Black, Grey, Navy, Red, & Turquoise.

Black lycra Grey Lycra Navy lycra Red Lycra Turquoise Lycra

So go check them out and order them while the sun is still out and hot! Just go to our menu under swimwear or click on the link here.

Next, we’ll be introducing some lounge wear and we’re almost ready with our first board shorts!! Make sure you sign up to our mailing list and join us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on everything Fourteen & Race Point!

Remember, we’re here for you, so if you have any comments or suggestions, send them our way via email, Facebook, Twitter, or just leave us a comment right here.

Redressing Fourteen

After you leave the altar, your beloved Fourteen clothes can still make appearances at less dressy events. Sneakers, jeans, or T-shirts combined with Fourteen’s collection will add variety to your looks. Everlane has our favorite luxury T-shirts with soft materials that would look perfect under our jackets or blazers. Here are some of our favorite examples of formal items mixed with more casual pieces.

Casual lesbian blazer

Casual lesbian suit vest


casual lesbian blazer

Queer fashion blazer

blazer with t-shirt

Photo sources: qwearfashion.comrebloggy.com, glamour.comuta1111.tumblr.comqwearfashion.com, unknown

Sale on Fourteen Vests


We have some new vests in the collection and everything is 14% off until May 24!  Simply use code 439567 at checkout!


Fourteen at the Wedding Show

Sonia and I spent the day on Sunday up in Portland, Maine for The Way Weddings Should Be:  A Show for All Couples.

It was fun to show off our wares and have some great folks try on our lesbian wedding suits.  Sonia also had fun in the fashion show during which we presented four looks!

queer-wedding-clothes 14Style suitlesbian-wedding-suit (1) lesbian-wedding-suit (2)



A Great Event for Marriage Equality

Last Thursday night we were part of the Leaders Legends and Lovelies Ball, put together by the Unity Coalition. It was the kick off event for Pride Miami Beach and an amazing event to raise funds for the Unity Coalition’s great work and marriage equality and we were invited to show off our line of suits and vests.

Sam Champion at Unity Coalition Ball

GMA’s Sam Champion and his husband Rubem Robierb were special guests of the night. It was a great treat to get to see them speak and to speak to them, very emotional and inspiring to hear them speak about marriage equality and encouraged everyone to speak up, this was the moment to speak up. What great guys!

The amazing Samy was honored with a special recognition by the Unity Coalition,  as was award-winning Richard J Alexander, along with 4 other outstanding people who have impacted the community in more ways than one.

I got to spend the night surrounded by some incredible art as well and got to share ideas and great conversation with these outstanding artists. Havi Schanz, who’s work I fell in love with, and Marcelo Holzinger, who I have gotten to know a bit and must say he is not only talented, he’s just the sweetest.

James Dean - Havi Schanz

James Deane over blue prints by Havi Schanz

Elizabeth Taylor - Havi Schaz

Elizabeth Taylor over blue prints by Havi Schan

Marcelo and I earlier in the evening

Marcelo and I earlier in the evening

Love is Love by Marcelo Holzinger

Love is Love by Marcelo Holzinger

Through out the night we had models walking through out the event. We mixed and matched a lot of our pieces and gave each model a new look just by changing it up a bit.

getting ready

all three girls   pink vest  blue linen vest








striped vest & pants








It was a great night spent with great people, all for an amazing cause. Can’t wait to be part of the ball next year!

If you would like to learn more about the Unity Coalition and all the great work they do, please visit their site www.unitycoalition.org