Where are you based?  Can I come into a store?

We are based in New York City, but don’t yet have a storefront. All of our clothes are currently available for online purchase. We tested and sized each of our garments on a wide range of body types and gender identities to ensure the best fit.

Do you ship internationally?

Definitely, however extra shipping and/or customs charges will apply.

How do I know what size to order?

Check out our sizing chart. All of our sizes are based on female-bodies but many of the garments have more butch and boyish cuts. All of our products are separates so you can mix and match sizes.

Is there an additional charge for plus sizes?

Yes, unfortunately.  Garments over the size of 18 are subject to a surcharge.  We hate to do this but they simply cost us more to make.

Where are the clothes made?

The clothes are hand-made in Miami, FL and a factory in New York will soon take over manufacturing.

What kind of fabric do you use?

We use a wide variety of fabrics including wool, silk wool, cotton, sateen, velvet and linen.

Do you do custom orders?

At this time, we are not accepting custom orders. However, we soon plan to offer variations on buttons, liners, pockets, shirt cuffs; as well as an option for suspender buttons! While we are confident that our garments will offer a fantastic fit, we include with each order a list of tailors and seamstresses who have been vetted by 14 Stories staff for LGBTQ-inclusivity.  If you do need additional alterations, these people will provide excellent service in the nearest big city to your home.

What makes these garments different than what you can currently buy elsewhere?

Our focus is on making people be able to move confidently and freely in their garments.  We’ve planned for those who pack, who wear their shirt untucked, who wear their shirt tucked and so on.

All our garments come in a total of 52 size options. In addition to the 13 sizes they each come in a choice of standard fit or boy fit, as well as petite..  Our bow ties come pre-tied or hand-tied.  The neckline for pre-tied bow ties is adjustable. The hand-tied bow ties come in length sizes XS-L. Our standard ties also come in XS-L.

Our products have some really cool design features – for example, our signature Fourteen vest with 14 buttons is one of a kind.  Our jacket sleeves have 7 buttons on each side, for a total of 14 buttons.  We have two velvet jackets.  We have masculine vest with a sequined inner vest that doesn’t creep into femininity.  We also have a reversible tie.  All that stuff makes us different!

How do you work around curves for a perfectly fitted jacket?

As many of you have experienced, the cut of a jacket can work to diminish or enhance the appearance of curves. We offer two styles:  the boy fit and the standard fit. The boy fit is designed with straighter lines to create a more masculine or androgynous sillouette.  The standard fit is tailored closer to the body to embrace the curves.

How you make pants for folks with hips?

Like most clothing brands, we have different styles and cuts of pants.  Some of our clients like their hips.  The standard fit slacks embrace the curves and the boy fit slacks have straighter lines.  Some of the fabric has more stretch than others.  None of our pockets are placed where they’ll bring attention to curves.  And all of our pockets are lined in the front to give a tummy tuck which helps dilute curves.

How are the suits constructed?

Jackets and shirts have smaller armholes and shorter arm lengths than traditional clothing from the men’s department, as well as a shorter torso measurement. Necklines and shirt cuffs are modified, with more chest room added where needed. The clothes are made by hand now in Miami, FL and a factory in New York will soon take over manufacturing.

What if I have breasts?  What if I don’t?

During our model fittings, we tested the shirts both on those who binded and those who didn’t.  Our clothes are designed to be consistent whether or not you have breasts.

How should I care for my clothing?

We recommend that most clothes are dry cleaned but check the individual tag for more details.

Why does it take so long to get my order?

As a new business, we are not investing in a huge inventory.  At the moment, each piece is produced just for you and this takes time.  You may wait up to 6 weeks to receive your order.

Do you charge sales tax?

Sales tax will be added to the orders for residents of Florida

Are you accepting wholesale orders?

Not quite yet – but soon! Please join our mailing list to be notified when wholesale opportunities will be available.