Sizing of Our Lesbian Wedding Tuxedos

One of the questions we’ve been getting through our Facebook page is whether or not our garments are sold as one suit, or sold as separates.  Each of garments can be purchased individually – so if you want a lesbian wedding tuxedo and need the shirt in a size 10, the jacket in a size 12, the vest in a size 10 and the pants in a size 8 petite, then you can order that.  Keep in mind that each of our garments will be available in a standard cut or a boy cut.  So to be even more precise, you can choose size 8 boy cut petite pants, size 10 standard shirt and so on .

When the clothes are for sale, you’ll be able to see the size chart and see what you need.  But you will be able to mix and match all of the elements for your queer wedding tuxedo, lesbian wedding tuxedo or butch wedding tuxedo to get the perfect fit for your own body.

The shirt shown here is a size 10 boy cut shirt with our standard tie.

What are you wearing to your lesbian wedding?

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